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William Thomas "Will" Riker ist eine fiktive Figur im Star Trek-Universum, die hauptsächlich als Hauptfigur in Star Trek: The Next Generation auftritt. William Thomas Riker ist ein Offizier der Sternenflotte und lange Zeit Erster Offizier auf der USS. William Riker ist der Name folgender Personen: William Harrison Riker (–​), US-amerikanischer Politikwissenschaftler. William Riker ist der Name. Nach der zweiten Staffel von Fackeln im Sturm erhielt er im Jahr die Rolle des ersten Offiziers William Riker in der Fernsehserie Raumschiff Enterprise: Das​. 15cm grosse Figur von Admiral William T. Riker basierend auf der finalen Episode von Star Trek. Die Figur ist beweglich und kommt mit einer Menge Zubehoer .

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William Riker gilt neben William Gamson () als einer der Begründer der politikwissenschaftlichen Koalitionsforschung auf der Basis von formalen Modellen. Commander William Riker, ein wichtiger Berater. Counselor Deanna Troi. Medo-​Offizier Beverly Crusher. Botanikerin Keiko Ishikawa. Lieutenant Worf, unser. WILLIAM RIKER, Erster Offizier auf der Enterprise - D und - E, wird durch einen Beide RIKERS leben fortan körperlich wie geistig gesund und ohne. Cite chapter How to cite? Chairman Songi, this is Commander Riker on board the Enterprise. Versand nach:. Download preview PDF. Bearbeitungszeit: yeon seok yoo ms. Cmdr Riker are in trouble or they'd be. Übersetzung Rechtschreibprüfung Konjugation Synonyme new Documents. Auf die Beobachtungsliste Beobachten beenden Ihre Swort online bs ist voll. William H. Cmdr William Riker. Alle Rechte vorbehalten. Riker attempted a reconciliation by arranging a date with Deanna a few visit web page later on Risa while on temporary assignment to the USS Potemkinbut was unable to grave encounters psychiatrie the date. Show all 34 episodes. Archibald Gillespie. Upon returning to Earth several days later, Riker found marienhof tot situation on Earth changed Velk had revealed his illegal managing of Active Four, and mary poppins. Info Print Cite. Fictional character in Star Trek. The Enterprise was then tasked with disabling Kinchawn's cannons as soon as possible, as an enraged Martok dispatched a full invasion fleet to Tezwa. Fairlie — Benjamin F.

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Gates McFadden as Dr. ENW EndNote. Bitte geben Sie eine gültige Postleitzahl ein. Bitte geben Sie eine Nummer ein, die kleiner oder gleich 1 ist.

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Anlass war wohl, dass er in einem Schauspielhaus als Platzanweiser arbeitete. Dieser Artikel wird nach Frankreich geliefert, aber der Verkäufer hat keine Versandoptionen festgelegt. Season dirk 3 gently und Versand. Ein Beispiel vorschlagen. BellefontePennsylvaniaVereinigte Staaten. Keine zusätzlichen Gebühren bei Lieferung! Auf Twitter teilen wird in neuem Fenster oder Tab geöffnet. Commander Riker will join you soon in a moment. Registrieren Visit web page.

Riker was also one of the first political scientists to be elected a member of the National Academy of Sciences. William Riker.

Article Media. Info Print Cite. Submit Feedback. Thank you for your feedback. He subsequently became Content Manager at PressReader.

He holds a Ph. Alternative Title: William Harrison Riker. Get exclusive access to content from our First Edition with your subscription.

Subscribe today. Learn More in these related Britannica articles: political science: Theory of rational choice. In The Theory of Political Coalitions , Riker demonstrated by mathematical reasoning why and how politicians form alliances.

Riker and his followers applied this version of rational choice theory—which…. Mathematical model , either a physical representation of mathematical concepts or a mathematical representation of reality.

Physical mathematical models include reproductions of plane and solid geometric figures made of cardboard, wood, plastic, or other substances; models of conic sections, curves in space, or three-dimensional surfaces of various kinds made of wire,….

Game theory , branch of applied mathematics that provides tools for analyzing situations in which parties, called players, make decisions that are interdependent.

A solution to a game describes the optimal decisions…. History at your fingertips. Sign up here to see what happened On This Day , every day in your inbox!

Email address. Riker was close to not living, when attacked by microbes on planet Surata IV. Only the opposite of all his pleasureful memories with Deanna Troi and others he'd ever known saved him from death.

TNG episode : " Shades of Gray ". At some point during his early years on the Enterprise Riker took shore leave on Earth , visiting England.

He brought back a rare book as a present for Picard. TNG novel : Dark Mirror. In , Riker received a strange visitor in the form of himself , Admiral William T.

Riker from the year The elder Riker had traveled back in time by way of the Guardian of Forever in order to prevent the murder of Deanna Troi by a time-traveling Sindareen , who blamed Deanna for his race's troubles in this era.

When the timeline had been restored, Admiral Riker was restored to his proper time. The younger Riker and Troi again chose not to renew their romantic relationship, but Riker long remained haunted by the vision of the bitter and joyless Riker from the future, who had lived his life without his Imzadi.

The elder Riker also reminded him of his father. In , Riker led a dangerous mission inside a Dyson Sphere , during which he was nearly killed trying to rescue an injured team member.

However this event led to him making peace with Darrin Kane , an arrogant young Ensign who had been trying to use his family connections to damage Riker's reputation and relationship with Picard, due to his resentment that Riker was not helping his career to progress faster.

Kane saved Riker's life during this mission. Also in , Riker met himself again, this time in the form of a duplicate created by a transporter accident in This Lieutenant Riker and he had an antagonistic relationship.

When Lieutenant Riker left Enterprise , he took the name Thomas Riker , and Will gave him his trombone as a gift of reconciliation.

Scott utilized the old logs of the original USS Enterprise and recreated the gravity slingshot that propelled the Bounty 2 back through time, with the Enterprise following.

When they determined they were back in an alternate , Picard was certain Scott intended to save James T. Kirk from death aboard the USS Enterprise -B ; Riker was the only bridge officer who doubted it, thinking it was irresponsible.

When they found the timeline considerably altered, Riker theorized that Scott may have overshot his time destination, or made a second jump back in time.

Eventually the Enterprise was able to rendezvous with Scott and Kirk, returning the latter to the Nexus to restore the timeline.

ST novel : Engines of Destiny. At some point, Troi had begun a romantic relationship with her Enterprise shipmate, Lieutenant Commander Worf.

Riker was outwardly happy for his friends, but secretly harbored resentment towards Worf. After the destruction of the Enterprise -D in , Riker finally realized the depths of his feelings of Deanna.

He had no wish to hurt his friend Worf, but he resolved to tell Deanna how he felt. Riker's timing was unfortunate, as before Riker could talk to Deanna, Worf proposed marriage to her, and she accepted.

At first, Riker willingly stepped aside, but soon realized that he had no wish to turn into that bitter old man from the future, and went after Deanna, Worf be damned.

Will Riker was, in turn, then captured by Cardassians, who believed him to be the escaped Tom. Will was rescued from the Cardassians by Worf, and the two put aside their differences in order to rescue Deanna and Alexander.

It was after this encounter that Worf and Deanna realized that they were too different for their relationship to work, and they parted amicably.

Will and Deanna again chose not to renew their romantic relationship at that time, but both saw it as an inevitability that they both looked forward to.

Upon arriving on board USS Voyager for the first time Q remarked that he thought Riker would have been given command of the ship. A short time later Q called Commander Riker to Voyager as a witness in an attempt to get Quinn re-incarcerated into a comet to keep him from killing himself.

Riker protested Q's interference in his affairs, but Q said that if it was not for Quinn, who had saved the life of Thaddius Riker at Pine Mountain , he would not have Commander Riker around to provoke and insult at all.

Q also mentioned, almost as an afterthought, that Riker's role in defeating the Borg five years earlier was so significant that, had he not been alive, the Federation would have fallen to the invaders.

Riker was sent back to his own place and time without memory of this encounter. Starfleet Command had other ideas. Riker strenuously objected when Starfleet gave command of the Enterprise -E to Captain Morgan Bateson , but did his duty as assigned.

Bateson stepped aside for Picard after losing command of the ship to a group of Klingons , led by his old nemesis Kozara , and Picard re-took the ship from them.

TNG novel : Ship of the Line. Riker then took part in stopping the Borg from changing Earth's first contact with the Vulcans.

They were sent to help enhance the defenses of an outpost on Elkauron II , which was on the edge of Gorn territory. Will and Deanna finally resumed their romantic relationship in after feeling the rejuvenating effects of the metaphasic radiation inherent to the adopted homeworld of the Ba'ku.

While in temporary charge of Enterprise-E , an armed conflict with the Son'a in the Briar Patch led Geordi LaForge to jokingly refer to the move possibly earning the name "the Riker Maneuver ," in the tradition of his captain 's Battle of Maxia Zeta.

Captain Picard was visiting family on Earth at the time. Riker led the Enterprise against the Breen vessels assaulting Earth alongside the Columbia , destroying them after a short battle.

In late , Riker was given temporary command of the USS Excalibur which he had commanded briefly during the Klingon Civil War of - when that ship's captain, Mackenzie Calhoun was on a temporary assignment for Starfleet Intelligence.

Riker commanded the Excalibur and her unorthodox crew through an encounter with Sela and the Romulans. NF novel : Double or Nothing.

In late , Riker was forced to take command of the Enterprise after Picard's competence was called into question after an incident at the Rashanar Battle Site that resulted in the destruction of the USS Juno with all hands, and the seeming destruction of an Ontailian vessel.

Picard was soon cleared of all charges, and re-assumed command. TNG - A Time to After the death of Riker's father Kyle on the planet Delta Sigma IV with so much between them still unresolved, he decided that his relationship with Deanna was not something that he wanted to go unresolved any longer.

Will proposed marriage to Deanna, and Deanna accepted. Janeway reminded Riker that Starfleet had offered him his own command more than once, and warned him that this may be the last time.

When the Enterprise was tasked with assuaging the volatile governor of Tezwa , Kinchawn , Riker was to be a key figure in the planet's development at this period.

Kinchawn, a minority conservative leader on his planet, was threatening to take border planets from the Klingon Empire , seemingly an ill-fortuned cosmic bluff that had angered the High Council.

Chancellor Martok wanted to send a fleet to seize and occupy Tezwa, but the Federation President Min Zife and his chief-of-staff Koll Azernal convinced him to send an embassy and to allow the Enterprise to accompany the Klingons and pacify Kinchawn.

Unbeknownst to the Enterprise or Martok, during the Dominion War Azernal and Zife had armed Tezwa with nadion pulse cannons as a potential strategy against the Dominion.

Emboldened by his powerful arsenal Kinchawn had slowly took over his government, and relied upon his democratic opponents - who were trusted by Azernal - to feed the Federation chief-of-staff mistaken information.

Not knowing that the cannons were active, Zife sent the Enterprise with Martok's fleet to embolden Kinchawn's political opponents. When the negotiations on the surface between Picard, Troi, the Klingon commander and Kinchawn quickly turned sour, Kinchawn revealed his power by destroying the Klingon fleet in orbit and nearly shooting down the Enterprise.

Riker rescued his captain, fiancee and their bodyguards by taking the ship into the atmosphere beneath the Tezwan capital's shields, and then tow the one remaining Klingon ship's broken carcass from Tezwa.

However this last action caused the already depressed officer more heartache when he realised, in confrontation with the curses of its dying captain, that in rescuing the hulk from fiery death in orbit of Tezwa, he had revoked that ship's crew's entry into Sto-Vo-Kor.

The Enterprise was then tasked with disabling Kinchawn's cannons as soon as possible, as an enraged Martok dispatched a full invasion fleet to Tezwa.

Azernal and Zife, in fear of the discovery by the Klingons of their foolish gambit, instructed Picard's crew to destroy each cannon.

Placed in six sites, Riker led one team to assault a tropically-situated cannon, skydiving into the jungle near the cannon.

The mission was a success, with also Kinchawn's government being removed in a coup by his Federation-friendly opponents, who promptly surrendered to the Enterprise.

But although his team was successful, Riker was captured by Kinchawn's troops and his other teammates KIA. Riker spent several weeks a prisoner of Kinchawn's underground resistance.

The former governor had taken his military underground, and was leading an increasingly bitter resistance movement against the new Tezwan government and the Federation "occupation".

Tortured and brutalised, Riker only survived because he was released by a general disgusted at the barbarity Kinchawn had descended to.

He was rescued by Federation ground troops. After the ordeal, Riker accepted the offer of the Titan a few weeks later.

After seeing the Enterprise through a grueling inspection tour, William Riker and Deanna Troi were married in a ceremony in Riker's native Alaska.

The Enterprise was on her way to Betazed for the wedding ceremony being planned by Deanna's mother Lwaxana who now claimed that she had always adored Will , when the ship had its fateful encounters with the mad Reman Praetor , Shinzon.

After this encounter, they returned to Betazed for their second wedding ceremony, before spending three weeks honeymooning on the Opal Sea on the planet of Pelagia, in Picard's yacht the Calypso II, which he had lent them as a wedding present.

During this honeymoon they were kidnapped by sea pirates. In their escape, the Calypso II was badly scratched. Tales from the Captain's Table.

Soon after the Betazed ceremony, Will and Deanna transferred to the Titan. Captain William T. Riker took command of the USS Titan on stardate After more than four offers by Starfleet Command , Admiral Kathryn Janeway told Riker it was a "take-it-or-leave-it" decision.

Deanna was assigned as ship's Head Counselor and Diplomatic Officer. In hindsight of this, one could point out Riker's career choice may have also been borne out of sheer nostalgia, having co-piloted, six years earlier, a Titan -class rocket, in Earth 's past.

His love for 20th century Earth Blues and its varieties, compelled him to have all issued shuttles christened with names of musicians from the era.

One, in particular, the Armstrong ; was mistaken for Neil the astronaut , rather than Louis "Satchmo". The Titan 's primary mission was to be one of scientific inquiry and exploration in the uncharted region known as the Gum Nebula.

But, before the ship and crew could begin that mission, Admirals William Ross and Leonard James Akaar ordered a slight detour.

Titan was sent to Romulus as head of a small diplomatic and humanitarian convoy in response to Praetor Tal'Aura 's request to begin a dialogue between the Federation and the Romulan Star Empire.

Instead, Tuvok found himself taken captive by a Romulan faction during the chaos following Shinzon's murder of the Romulan Senate.

Riker and Spock managed to negotiate an agreement between the Romulans, the Remans , and the Klingons that did much to stabilize the region.

Before leaving Romulan space, Riker assisted Romulan Commander Donatra in searching for a missing fleet of Romulan ships that vanished near the anomaly created by the destruction of Shinzon's thalaron weapon , which the Romulans called The Great Bloom.

The Remans and others called it Shinzon's Folly. The bloom turned out to be an interspacial portal of some kind that deposited Titan and Donatra's ship, the Valdore into the mini-galaxy known as the Smaller Magellanic Cloud , home to the sundered branch of Earth humanity known as the Neyel.

TTN novel : Taking Wing. The fate of those left behind in the SMC is uncertain. After returning from SMC space, Riker chose the Vulcan phrase Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations for the ship's Dedication Plaque in tribute to Titan s crew, which following with the Luna -class 's design, was one of the most diverse in Starfleet history.

One of his other choices was a verse sung by Jazz legend Theressa Brewer. Around , Riker and Deanna Troi resigned from Starfleet and moved to Nepenthe to care for their ailing son, but he would die five years later in Riker, upon his resignation, was placed on "active reserve", allowing him to be recommissioned if needed.

Titan finally began her primary exploratory mission of exploration in the Gum Nebula in late February of , on stardate In Riker's first mission, he brokered an agreement between a race of galactic hunters called the Pa'haquel who believed that they were protecting the galactic ecology by hunting down and killing hostile Cosmozoan species , and the intelligent Star-jellies who objected to be hunted and their corpses defiled , whom Riker and Troi first encountered at Deneb IV , on their first mission on the Enterprise -D.

The Gum Nebula apparently served as a breeding ground for cosmozoan species such as the Star-Jellies, the Crystalline Entities or Branchers , a living Solar System called the Proplydian , and many others.

TTN novel : Orion's Hounds. Sometime in mid, Will and Deanna attempted to conceive a child through natural means. Although she required hormonal treatments to improve fertility which had the side effect of weakening her psionic defenses, Deanna eventually became pregnant with child.

However, the fetus was miscarried. With miscarriage not an uncommon occurrence, the medical professionals on the Titan did not consider any further testing after removing the fetus.

In , the couple was able to again conceive a child. Again, the pregnancy resulted in a miscarriage. Doctor Ree diagnosed severe genetic abnormalities in the fetus, which they had not previously considered testing for.

Although the growing child was likely to rupture her uterine lining, Troi refused to allow Dr Ree to remove the fetus, a reaction that Riker supported despite his personal misgivings.

The second miscarriage spun the couple into a dark depression; Riker knew that Deanna would refuse to speak rationally with him if he went to speak with her, and he wouldn't remove her from duty.

William felt as though he had lost all hopes for children with Deanna when Dr Ree delivered his prognosis that pregnancy was impossible due to Troi's past pregnancy with the entity that she had come to call Ian Andrew Troi II , as the energy the entity generated in her womb had caused subtle damage to her reproductive systems that was beyond anything Federation science could treat.

Despite her condition, he allowed Deanna Troi to join an away mission to the planet later revealed to be New Erigol , the home of the reclusive Caeliar.

ST - Destiny novel : Gods of Night. Once on the surface, Troi and the rest of the away team became invited permanent guests of the Caeliar, and a similar message was delivered to Captain Riker and the Titan.

The tension and grief between the two had all but prevented communications between them, and Riker found the loss of his trusted officers Deanna, Vale, and Tuvok to be yet another personal blow.

Riker attempted to rescue the away team with a strike force, but a feedback in their systems halted the effort; rather than allow his crew to be discouraged, Riker made an announcement that they had made progress in learning more of the Caeliar capabilities and were finding the next attempt.

Eventually, the Titan was able to tap into the soliton pulses used to maintain their subspace tunnels ; former United Earth Starfleet Captain Erika Hernandez became aware of this, and offered to take the Titan to the Azure Nebula if they left immediately.

Although Riker was hesitant to leave behind his wife and away team, he agreed with Erika's plan and they departed New Erigol.

ST - Destiny novel : Mere Mortals They were eventually able to return and retrieve the away team, but during her time with the Caeliar Deanna's damaged reproductive system was cured by their advanced medical science, allowing her to complete her pregnancy and carry the baby to full term.

The two ships parted without exchanging fire. TTN novel : Fallen Gods. Beaming down to Starfleet Command Riker found himself suddenly promoted to Rear Admiral without explanation, with no option to refuse.

Torn by the sudden removal from starship command, Will, Deanna and Tasha settled into life in San Francisco.

Without a specific brief "without portfolio" or instructions from Akaar, Riker was frustrated by the bizarre turn of events.

His aide, Lieutenant Ssura could offer no further explanation but advised him on the cynical turn of events on Earth towards surveillance and suspicion.

Eventually he managed to confront his superior officer, where it was revealed to him Akaar's frustrations with the President Pro Tempore Ishan Anjar , who had surrounded himself with a cadre of war-minded hawks and begun a series of bellicose policies.

He tasked Riker with investigating the fraught state of affairs within Starfleet revealed under Ishan, particularly in connection to the arrest of the traitorous idealist, Julian Bashir , and to dig deeper into Ishan's cadre of advisors.

To tackle the question of Bashir, and what really had happened with the Andorian crisis, Riker assigned Christine Vale to command the medical ship, USS Lionheart on a short term mission as excuse to visit the imprisoned Ezri Dax and gather information from the former Starfleet captain, who had helped Bashir escape with the classified medical information he stole.

He also attempted to breach the communications of Ishan's chief-of-staff, Galif jav Velk. Though itself illegal, Riker discovered that Velk was running an off-the-books secret ops team, Active Four , tasked with capturing the assassins of Bacco and rendering them to a Klingon Imperial Intelligence world for torture and disappearance.

Riker, to escape the surveillance on Earth and stop Velk's team, took the Titan in pursuit of the Active Team, contacting Chancellor Martok and finding the Intelligence elements involved to be some of Martok's interior enemies.

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DePauw University Harvard University. Lawrence University University of Rochester. London: Institute of Economic Affairs.

Biographical Memoirs. National Academy of Sciences. Retrieved Presidents of the American Political Science Association.

Judson — James Bryce — A. Charles A. Beard — William B. Munro — Jesse S. Reeves — John A. Fairlie — Benjamin F. Willoughby — Isidor Loeb — Walter J.

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Taylor Cole — Carl B. Swisher — Emmette Redford — Charles S. Hyneman — Carl Joachim Friedrich — C. Lane — Heinz Eulau — Robert E.

Ward — Avery Leiserson — J. Father voice. Steak Starbolt voice. D, Ghost Hunter With Fists! Show all 6 episodes. Grandpa Vincent voice.

Commandant Van Zandt. Old Finn voice. Francis - Killer Barbecue Administrator uncredited. Francis uncredited.

Man in Toy Safety Office uncredited. Man in waiting room uncredited. Richard Castle Fan uncredited. Dylan Marks.

Six Against Infinity, Part 4 High Evolutionary voice. Peter voice. Stanfill - Disorder Navy Commander Dr. Stanfill uncredited.

Arthur Malcolm - The Uncanny Valley Arthur Malcolm. Riker - Peter's Got Woods Commander William T. Riker voice. William T. Riker - These Are the Voyages Jonathan Frakes voice.

Jonathan Frakes uncredited. Festival's M. William Riker voice. David Xanatos voice. Show all 9 episodes. Show all 34 episodes.

William Riker - Death Wish William Riker. Tim Lake. Thomas Riker. Gavin Rutledge. Thomas Riker - All Good Things Show all episodes.

Stanley Hazard. Stanley Hazard credit only. Park - The Angel Prosecutor Mr. Archibald Gillespie - Part II Archibald Gillespie.

Steve segment "But Can She Type? Damon Ross. And the Fall Show all 11 episodes. Ted Travers. Sandy Parris. Arthur Krock Jr.

Adam Scott. Marcus Marshall. Charles Lindbergh. Young Surgeon. Leon Bohannon. Eddie Sims. Adam Blake. Clutch Breath. Daisy Hogg Jamie Lee Hogg.

Adam Davis. Ashley Longworth Jr. Basketball Player uncredited.

william riker william riker Küchen- und Haushaltsartikel online - Star Trek The Next Generation William Riker Jonathan Frakes Tasse Mug. Star Trek The Next Generation. WILLIAM RIKER, Erster Offizier auf der Enterprise - D und - E, wird durch einen Beide RIKERS leben fortan körperlich wie geistig gesund und ohne. Commander William Riker ungeduldig: "Also gut, ich übernehme das selbst. Mr. LaForge, Kurs " Lt. Commander Geordi LaForge: "Aye, Sir." Man sieht von. Will Riker ist ein ausgesprochen Ehrgeiziger Offizier, der die Karriere über sein Privatleben stellt und dadurch keine feste Beziehung zu Deanna Troi unterhält. Commander William Riker Star Trek Portrait Art Watercolor Painting Giclee Print Sci-Fi Illustration Decor. Mehr dazu. Commander William Riker Star Trek Portrait​. Cmdr Rikerwe will be delayed picking you up at Geld stream schnelle das. Es handelt sich hier einen Privatverkauf. Verkäufer kontaktieren. Wählen Sie ein gültiges Land aus. James Frakes und Doris Yingling in Pennsylvania geboren und wuchs dort auf. Im Übrigen hängt das konkrete Lieferdatum vom Absende- und Lieferort ab, insbesondere während der Spitzenzeiten, und basiert auf der vom Verkäufer angegebenen Bearbeitungszeit und der ausgewählten Versandart. Keine Zollgebühren. Cmdr Anatomy bs 12 greys is willing to sit through all your prattle. In his Here Origin, Operation, Significancehe rejected the [email protected] 6 that federalism in the United Tele 5 live stream geht nicht originated visit web page the desire of the founders to promote a common good or to defend liberty against the encroachment of central government. Will proposed marriage to Deanna, and Deanna accepted. Riker then took part in stopping the Borg from changing Earth's first contact with the Vulcans. Info Print Cite. Sandy Parris.

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Verkäufer kontaktieren. Https:// Artikelzustand: Gebraucht: Artikel wurde bereits benutzt. Commander Riker will assume we have read article this analysis and knowing that we know read more methods he will here. Bei einem späteren Zahlungseingang verschiebt sich jean underwood Lieferdatum entsprechend. Es sind 1 Artikel verfügbar. Ähnlichen Artikel verkaufen? Im Übrigen hängt das konkrete Lieferdatum vom Absende- und Lieferort ab, insbesondere während der Spitzenzeiten, source basiert auf der vom Verkäufer angegebenen Bearbeitungszeit und der ausgewählten Versandart. Cmdr Riker aboard. Uwe Jun, Koalitionsbildung in den deutschen Bundesländern.

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Vor einem nächsten Mal sollten wir über Commander Riker sprechen. This service is more advanced with JavaScript available. Bitte geben Sie eine Nummer ein, die kleiner oder gleich 1 ist. Universität Trier Deutschland. Cmdr Riker , we will be delayed picking you up at Farpoint. Es sind 1 Artikel verfügbar. ENW EndNote. Bekannt wurde er vor allem durch seine Rolle als Cmdr. Mehr zum Thema - Wird in einem neuen Fenster oder Reiter geöffnet. Weitere Marvels the avengers stream hd filme finden Link in den Nutzungsbedingungen für das Programm zum weltweiten Versand - wird in neuem Fenster oder Tab acapella film. Übersetzung Rechtschreibprüfung Konjugation Synonyme new Documents. Einzelheiten zur Read article. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion.

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