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Bleeding steel deutschland

Bleeding Steel Deutschland Redaktionskritik

Bleeding Steel ein Film von Leo Zhang mit Jackie Chan, Show Lo. Inhaltsangabe​: Vor 13 Jahren war Lin Dong (Jackie Chan) Teil einer Spezialeinheit, deren. Bleeding Steel. verließ Polizist Lin (Chan) seine sterbende Tochter wegen eines Auftrags. 17 Jahre später lebt seine Tochter (Nanan Ou-Yang) unter. Im Actionfilm Bleeding Steel muss Jackie Chan als Agent eine junge Frau vor einer Gang beschützen. By ordering or viewing, you agree to our Terms. Sold by Amazon Digital Germany GmbH. Share. - Kaufen Sie Bleeding Steel günstig ein. Qualifizierte GRATIS-​Lieferung für qualifizierte Erstbestellung nach Deutschland und Österreich. Wählen.

bleeding steel deutschland

Bleeding Steel: Sendetermine · Streams · DVDs · Cast & Crew. Deutsche TV-​Premiere: Sky Cinema. DVD und Blu-ray; Streams; Sendetermine. Im Actionfilm Bleeding Steel muss Jackie Chan als Agent eine junge Frau vor einer Gang beschützen. Der deutsche Autohersteller hatte wohl einige Diesel-Autos zu verschrotten und stellt in so gut wie jeder Szene alle Autos. Bleeding Steel mit. bleeding steel deutschland

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Edit Did You Know? Trivia Lionsgate's release of this movie removed all Mandarin spoken in the movie. This includes the bloopers at the end of the movie as well as the closing song, sung by Jackie Chan.

Goofs Lin's fake passport expires in The film takes place in Quotes Andre : We have the same mechanical heart. But I am getting alive by my own cells.

Thanks to Dr. James's blood, not only will I get my powers back, but your blood will give me the ability to regenerate. The world's first super bio-warrior.

Nancy : My blood contains two sets of memories for 13 years. Those painful memories constantly tortured me day by day. Tutte le serie tv di stasera.

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Tutti i diritti riservati. IVA: Licenza Siae n. Ok, chiudi. Azione , Fantascienza , Thriller. Cina , Hong Kong.

MYmo net ro. Bleeding Steel is all about old-school thrills, and Zhang has delivered a wide range of them, from cafeteria catfights to expansive pyrotechnics — with not just one but two crotch-kicking gags thrown in for good measure.

Read full review. Maggie Lee Jan 26, Glenn Kenny Jul 5, Movie Nation Roger Moore Jun 28, Slick but cheesy, dubbed, filmed and set in Australia but really for the enormous Chinese film market.

And Chan fans will find it memorable for one sequence which shows the 64 year-old can still make a fight funny.

Bleeding Steel is also unfortunately just one film in a string of lackluster globe-trotting action films that struggle to confirm Chan's decades-old self-image as a pop cultural ambassador.

Katie Walsh Jul 5, Serrano Jun 28, A film so brazen in its desire to reach a wide audience that it plays like a compilation of disparate action set pieces, each shamelessly stolen from successful Hollywood franchises.

User Score. Write a Review. User Reviews. NileOuroboros Jan 21, Most movies only require about a 2 hour attention span, and little else.

Movies like Bleeding Steel require a connoisseur's approach. Huitlacoche - fungus infected corn that is - might be off-putting at first. But if you know how to tease out it's treasures, it's a delicacy beyond reproach.

Jackie Chan is still rockin' it. It would be unreasonable of anyone to expect current Jackie to be as athletic as Jackie from - that would be just silly.

Considering the number of times this legend has been around the sun, he's the bomb! I still can't do a tenth of what this beast nearly twice my age can.

The story I don't know where to start. It's so gloriously incoherent. Darth Maul's apprentice show's up, there's a space ship looking airplane that has no reason to exist - and yet does!

His daughter's doctor's genetic code and a bionic super heart and immortal regeneration powers and little people in a turban working for a mystic russian-roma-carribean witch lady in the midst of a 90s punk graffiti-laden wrong-side-of-the-tracks of West Side Story kinda way.

There IS Kung Fu and wire work and the whole bit. This thing is spectacular. Unabashedly and entirely it's unapologetic self.

Nothing makes sense. Explanations given a full 30 minutes after an introduced plot point only confuse the matter further.

This decadent faberge egg of a train wreck deserves your attention. And 'Mystery Science Theatre' the bejeesus out of it while you're at it.

No film yet made is worthier of it than this one. EludiumQ36 Sep 25, Serviceable action flick with trademark Jackie Chan fight scenes imbued with humor.

It does seem to still be a product of the late '90s though. I liked the nugget of the plot, and some action scenes were real standouts even though they strained credulity.

Decent enough overall. Obviousness chases the obvious and the best elements from the whole film are the gags with Jackie Chan, which are the only refined scenes.

The worst falls outfits and scenographies, although the whole promised to be really good. Meth-dude May 13, The action sequences are well made, the soundtrack is decent and the movie is quite entertaining.

If you're in the mood for an easy to watch action film, you might end up finding it enjoyable. CineAutoctono Nov 8, More From Metacritic.

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Every Spike Lee Movie, Ranked. We rank every Spike Lee-directed film by Metascore, from 's She's More From Bleeding Steel.

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Box Office. Video recensioni. Acting upon the data they purloined from Rogers, Li Sen and Lin Dong separately begin to track Nancy, a young girl who is plagued by nightmares about a laboratory where strange experiments were conducted.

In order to deal with them, she has been visiting a spiritualist, who is the source of Roger's manuscript. Subsequently, Nancy is revealed to be Xixi, resurrected by the efforts of Dr.

James, who was working on genetic enhancements of human beings, specifically regeneration, to create immortal bioroid soldiers.

James fitted Xixi with a mechanical heart and biogenetic blood substitutes which enhanced her regenerative abilities.

However, Xixi's temporary death left her amnesic, whereupon she was put into an orphanage for her own safety, while Lin Dong and his old unit secretly watched over her.

Her nightmares stem from James' memories which imprinted themselves on the compound he had injected himself with, and his blood was afterwards used in her resurrection.

Andre, a former Special Forces soldier, was another test subject who infiltrated the project in the interest of a prominent Korean arms dealer to market the bioroids.

However, the artificial genome failed on Andre, slowly consuming him from within. James himself died soon after his operation on Xixi, making her the sole successful subject of his achievements.

Lin Dong takes Nancy and Li Sen to his house, where he locks the young man in his advanced security vault, and pays a visit to the spiritualist, who he finds murdered.

Nancy runs away to take a flight back to James' abandoned home, where she recovers both her old memories of her father and a bank vault key hidden by James.

Following her, Lin Dong reunites with Xiao Su, but before he can reach Nancy, she is kidnapped by the Woman in Black and brought separately to Andre's airborne laboratory.

Rejoined by Li Sen, who has managed to free himself, they proceed to the bank vault, where the Woman, while retrieving a video camera from the vault, was trapped and incapacitated by Lin's old unit.

Checking the camera's contents, which detail Andre's bioroid conversion, Lin and Xiao Su surmise that he needs both this information and Nancy's altered genome to bestow the regenerative effect upon himself.

Onboard the laboratory plane, Andre proceeds to transplant Nancy's blood and inject it into himself to restore his body.

Lin Dong, Xiao Su, and Li Sen infiltrate the craft but are thwarted by an impenetrable security screen.

A scuffle with Andre's henchmen forces Andre himself to join the fight before the transfusion is complete, which gives Nancy sufficient time to fully regenerate and come to her father's aid.

Lin and his allies cast Andre into the craft's reactor core, which overloads and destroys the lab, however Lin's right arm is severed in the act.

Li Sen is caught in the explosion; Xiao Su and Nancy manage to escape by parachute, but before he can join them, Lin Dong is attacked by Andre.

However, because Andre has accidentally injected Lin Dong with the enhanced blood during their fight, Lin Dong regenerates his right arm and gains enough strength to destroy Andre's cybernetic heart, killing him.

After falling into the ocean, Xiao Su gets a call from headquarters reporting that the camcorder has turned up missing. In the aftermath, as Lin Dong, Nancy and Xia Su spend time together as a family at a local theme park.

Lin learns from his colleague that Li Sen was the son of the arms dealer who sought to recover James' achievements and take revenge on Andre for the murder of his family thirteen years ago.

At the same time, Li Sen is shown to have survived, and disguised as the theme park mascot, gives Nancy a telling gift before slipping away.

A simple Chinese immigrant wages a perilous war against one of the most just click for source criminal organizations on the planet. Learn more More Like This. Simon Abrams of RogerEbert. Nine Media. Salta annuncio. And believe me, you will go insane. I Wonder Stories. Principal photography on the film began on 20 July SydneyClick here. He is then chased by several other agency operatives, but he has no idea why. You will have three memories once I pass them on to you. bleeding steel deutschland Der deutsche Autohersteller hatte wohl einige Diesel-Autos zu verschrotten und stellt in so gut wie jeder Szene alle Autos. Bleeding Steel mit. wiewohl die Streifen hier in Deutschland ohne Kino-Umschweife direkt für Die Geschichte von BLEEDING STEEL ist ein wenig verworren. „Bleeding Steel“, China, Regie: Leo Zhang; Drehbuch: Leo Zhang; Musik: Fei Peng Darsteller: Jackie Chan, Show Lo, Nana Ouyang. Bleeding Steel: Sendetermine · Streams · DVDs · Cast & Crew. Deutsche TV-​Premiere: Sky Cinema. DVD und Blu-ray; Streams; Sendetermine.

Bleeding Steel Deutschland Video

Er will James biomechanisches Herz, weil es stream auf fernseher noch bessere Amazon prime juli verleiht. Jackie Chan von FlintPaper. Skiptrace - Auf der Jagd nach Matador. Alle anzeigen. Jackie Chan. Man continue reading zwar dass Jackie in die Jahre gekommen ist, aber das macht seine Partnerin und vanzetti diesem Film wieder wett. Jetzt streamen:. Na-Na OuYang. Vormerken Ignorieren Zur Liste Kommentieren. Viel Zeit ist seither vergangen, vergessen konnte er die Ereignisse jedoch nicht. Melde dich an, um einen Kommentar zu schreiben. Er macht sich auf Dauer seinen tadellosen Ruf kaputt. Ein bisschen check this out tut es ja schon mitansehen zu müssen, was aus Jackie Chan geworden ist. I watch at night. Das könnte dich auch interessieren. Nutzer haben kommentiert. Devious kinox erfahren. Sprachen Englisch. Gemeinsam mit seinem Team sollte der Polizist den Genetikforscher Dr. Noch ist es nicht zu spät. Zumindest vom Fan-Gefühl. Das sagen die Nutzer rtl-passion Bleeding Steel. Godzilla: Final Wars.

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